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The Story Book's Anniversary

  Mar 30, 2019   5533 views


10.00AM  Storytelling of TreasureIsland
*The Hero: Jim Hawkins (for age 3 to 12)

10.30AM  Aye! Aye! Captain Ivey
*Fun Activity (for age 3 to 6) by Ivey (International Village of Early Years)

11.30AM  Thai Folk Tale
*The Fishermen’s Quarrel (for age 4 to 8) story activity by MPH Publishing

12.30PM  Books Trivia (for adults)/Lunch/Movie screening/ Photobooth

2.00PM  Storytelling of TreasureIsland
*Captain Smollett & Ben Gunn (for age 3 to 12)

2.30PM  Parallel Tales by Eugene Mahalingam (for age 6 & above)

3.30PM  Unearth Your Hidden Skills with Drama (for age 6 to 12)
by Neverending Story

4.00PM Storytelling of Treasure Island – The Pirate : Long John Silver
(for age 3 to 12)

4.30PM Treasure Hunting with The Story Book (for age 6 to 12)

5.00PM Navigate the Seven Seas Activity (for age 6 to 12) by Opstopus

6.00PM Ends

Each ticket entitles the holder to:

  1. Attend all storytelling sessions of Treasure Island on 9th March conducted by The Story Book , subject to availability of seats on a first come first serve basis.
  2. RM5 food voucher which they can redeem at participating cafes/restaurants at Plaza Arkadia from 12pm to 2pm
  3. Attend the activity/sessions conducted by The Story Book’s event partners, subject to availability of seats on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Get free gifts and prizes sponsored by The Story Book and The Story Book’s booth partners.
  5. Get special discounts of books sold by The Story Book on 9th March.

Thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately this event has ended. You may find out more in our events page.